Everything is illuminated by the sweetest BOYs

The concert started with a serious plea by Martin Gallop. He said that even in these times of darkness, referring to the #ParisAttacks, light will break through from our bright smiles and from our chanting voices. And with his charming Canadian accent he explained in German how pleased and honoured he felt for being the tour support over eight days, which were finally coming to an end that very night. Gallop played several tracks from his latest album “most beautiful song”. They were all very passionate and appeared to be written and sung by a wise man.

You are the sweetest BOYs I’ve ever met. (Martin Gallop to Sonja and Valeska)

Then BOY started with “We Were Here”, the title song from their new album that was projected in white on the black wall behind the stage. Afterwards, Sonja made an announcement pretty much in the spirit of what Martin said in the beginning. She said, it is their firm believe that friendship can be found irrespective of religion or race. She used this strong call as an opener for the song “Army“.

All songs they played throughout their 90 minutes session varied broadly in terms of light settings, ranging from white spot lights or scattered reflections to blue beams, always creating a suitable atmosphere for every individual song. Some of them were only supported by Sonja’s guitar while others involved the entire band with a piano, two percussions and another guitar plus vocalist Valeska playing guitar or the headless tambourine.

The crowd was mostly cheering, singing and dancing during “Drive Darling” and “Little Numbers“, both from BOY’s début record. During the encore, BOY also played a song, which, according to them, was the first one they have ever written together: “This is The Beginning”. It was well-received but not yet the end of the show. Finally they played a song called “Vagabond“, which did not appear on the latest album because they had some trouble finding a proper chorus and thus never finished the track. However, when they performed it together with Martin, there was no doubt it is a great piece of music.

And so they were standing all together, hands in hands, on stage bowing for the final applause and it became evident that indeed strong bonds were made during that show. And music was the medium for enlightenment of souls and minds throughout the night, no matter how dark, no matter how cold. They were here, and this impression sustains…

  • Date: November, 15th, 2015
  • Venue: halle02, Heidelberg
  • Band: BOY

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