Single Cell Genomics 2018 Live Blog

I’m reporting live from the Single Cell Genomics meeting, Oct 29 – Oct 31, at the Broad Institute in beautiful Cambridge, MA.

Unfortunately, the organisers discouraged the audience from live tweeting about the talks as this is considered a closed meeting. IMHO they’d have rather encouraged the speakers to first share their brand-new stuff on a preprint server (to be protected from being scooped) and then discuss it openly. I’ll thus only share information with prior permission from the speakers.

Mon, Oct 29

Shalin Naik: “SIS-seq, a molecular ‘time machine’, connects single cell fate with gene programs”

  • dendritic cell (DC) development with discrete subsets of clones generating either cDC1, cDC2 xor pDC
  • clonal history: split sister cells for different fate/sequencing analyses (bioRxiv 2018)
  • multiple linear regression analysis revealed genes correlating with lineage bias
  • mini pool CRISPR library to validate the influence of individual genes for identity of DCs


There was only a single talk I was allowed to share. I’ll reflect on this and, eventually, add some thoughts later on…

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