#curious2018 Future Insight Conference Live Blog Merck

I’ll be blogging from the #curious2018 FUTURE INSIGHT CONFERENCE hosted on on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of Merck in Darmstadt, Germany. Follow updates for aspiring talks by the brightest minds of our time as they happen. Continue reading #curious2018 Future Insight Conference Live Blog Merck


#CSNextGenImm Live Blog

I will blog on the Cell-Weizmann Institute of Science Symposium: Next Gen Immunology from Rehovot, Israel, as it happens. Make sure to follow the updates: #CSNextGenImm

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Resilience: When scientists must stop questioning

I had applied for the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship with an innovative project idea to start as a PostDoc in a new, fantastic environment after a great PhD and other precious and competitive offers. It came quite as a surprise to me that my application was not successful. Even though we as scientist should always be curious, there is a point we must stop asking questions…

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An odyssey to paradise

You are running late in the middle of the night with an important validation experiment and an incubator is breaking down when you learn that your passport is expired. The plan was to fly to Israel the next day. That was how my trip to the Weizmann Institute of Science began.

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